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9 May 2016 - CE.Si.S.P. and RINA organize the meeting "Ecologic footprint of building materials"

1 April 2016 - CE.Si.S.P. presents the LiguriaCircular forum and the AMIU-UNIGE agreement at the meeting "More cleverness in waste life cycle"

31 May 2016 - Il Sole 24 Ore - The Centre for the Development of Product Sustainability - From life cycle to the circular economy, the sustainability passes through Genoa

30/11 - 12/12/2015 - CE.Si.S.P. partecipates to the COP21 Climate Negotiations in Paris

7 October 2014 - Certified the carbon footprint of Valfrutta products - Consorzio Cooperativo Conserve Italia

July 2014 - Sustainable Cruise Project - Summary of the main actions: Technical Fiche.
The Sustainable Cruise project (LIFE+) has been completed successfully by CESiSP and its partners. It is a pleasure to share with you three technical fiches which summarise the main actions carried out and the results achieved in these three years. The interactive image below shows the three areas the project focused on. These are bio-waste, packaging and paper recycling respectively - by clicking on each type of waste you will automatically be redirected to the corresponding technical fiche.

29 April 2014 - Signed the agreement about the project of carbon footprint evaluation between the University of Genoa and the Ministry of the Environment.
The Carbon Footprint calculation will be performed by CE.Si.S.P., using technical and scientific skills of the University of Genoa (Link)

25 September 2013 - Final Conference LIFE LAIKA Project"Local Authorities Improving Kyoto Actions" - Polytechnic of Milan (

13 June 2013 - Rome - Agreement between Environment Minisrty and Conserve Italia to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Scientific support by CE.S.i.S.P. - Video

17 May 2013 - CE.Si.S.P. attends to the Assofertilizzanti meeting in matter of Product Stewardship

4 May 2013 - EPD Stakeholders Conference: CE.Si.S.P. participates with Valfrutta Project in cooperation with Conserve Italia

15 February 2013 - Starting research meeting Seminario PRIN 2010-11, area 08 “Re-cycle Italy – New life cycles for cities and landscapes buildings and facilities. University Iuav of Venice (

14 February 2013 - Article Cambiamenti climatici: Laika, comuni italiani contro il climate change - Il Fatto Quotidiano

12 December 2012 - Within the LIFE+ project Sustainable cruise the following meeteing will be held: The LCA methodology application in the European projects: the state of the art and future opportunities - Genoa – Faculty of Enginnering, Villa Cambiaso – Via Montallegro, 1

19 October 2012 - CE.Si.S.P. partecipates to the meeting Quality of materials, technologies and building systems for "Almost Zero Consumption Buildings" Forum Smart Village - Fiera Milano Rho -Edilportale MADEexpo (
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27 September 2012 - CE.Si.S.P. partecipates to the meeting Resources management - Roma, Confindustria

September 2012 - Member of CE.Si.S.P. in the Editorial Board of International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment

August 2012 - CE.SI.S.P. signed the agreement with TICASS for collaboration in the fields of advanced training courses and applied research

August 2012 - CE.Si.S.P. is partner of "Sustainable Cruise" pilot project co-funded by the European Commission through LIFE+

6-17 June 2011 - CE.Si.S.P. participates to the United Nations Change Conference - Bonn, Germany

16 June 2011 - CE.SI.S.P., scientific partner of the IMAGINE Project, announces the intermediate Project meeting "The "Green Competition" challenge on the market: ideas comparinson , ongoing projects and immediate opportunities for the sustainable made in Italy sostenibile" - Centro Studi “I Cappuccini”, via Calenzano 38, San Miniato (Pisa)

January 2011: University of Genoa has been included in the List of RINGOs (Research and Independent Non-governmental Organisations) of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) (

3-6 November 2010: CE.Si.S.P. at Ecomondo 2010. See the interview on

September 2010: University of Genoa - CE.Si.S.P. has been admitted to sessions of the Convention bodies as observer (non-governmental organization - NGO) by the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change)

September 2010: CE.Si.S.P. became member of the Global CCS Institute

4-5 June 2010: CE.Si.S.P. presented to the meeting LOW CARBON ECONOMY: A NEW APPROACH FOR THE COMPETITIVNESS IN THE AGROINDUSTRIAL CHAIN the intervention "Greenhouse gas reduction communication and labelling for agri-food products" - Grosseto

15-16 April 2010: The International Energy Agency (IEA)and the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum (CSLF) organised a peer review of progress towards the first 20 large-scale CCS demonstration projects in the Villa Cambiaso, University of Genoa

11 February 2010: The guidelines about local policies against climate changes have been published (

23 December 2009: The project regarding biogas treatment from landfills in the Province of Turin has beeen registered by eco2care Registry

7-18 December 2009: members of CE.Si.S.P. will participate to the COP15 United Nations Climate Change Conference - Copenhagen (COP15 website)

23 October 2009 - CE.Si.S.P. and JIN signed a Memorandum of Understanding about a network on domestic offset mechanisms

October 2009 - CE.Si.S.P. is a contributing partner involved in the preparation of the Programme Instructions to the international EPD®system (link).

4/8/2009 - Course for GHG Manager Junior registered KHC (Know How Certification) n. Reg. E 081. Course "Sustainable design tools I”, degree course in Chemical Engineering, University of Genoa (

July 2009 - The "Guidelines for the definition and carrying out of a GHG emissions reduction strategy by the Public Administrations", drew by the Cartesio Network Technical Commettee, have been published (

17/12/2008 - CE.SI.S.P. signed the agreement with CLIMATEPARTNER Italia for sustainability of products, processes and services

7/11/2008 - CE.SI.S.P. presented at ECOMONDO 2008 the speech"Il Mercato Volontario dei Crediti di Carbonio: quali opportunità per le Imprese e per gli Enti Locali?" - Rimini Fiera

17/10/2008 - Published the "EPD Statistics: the effect of the international EPD®system" at

13/10/2008 - CE.SI.S.P. organised the meeting "Nel rispetto dell’ambiente e dell’uomo oltre la V.I.A.: la valutazione dell’impatto globale di un prodotto o di un servizio "held at University of Pavia

May 2008 - CE.Si.S.P. partecipated to CARBONEXPO 2008, Cologne, Germany, with the eCO2care Registry .

February 2008 - CE.Si.S.P. manages the eCO2care (eCO2 Carbon Accounting Registry) VER Registry (Verified Emissions Reduction) for the CO2 credits verified by RINA SpA in the voluntary carbon market (

29/2/2008 - Launch of the international EPD®system.
The international EPD®system was officially launched on February 29, 2008 (

December 2007 - CE.Si.S.P. awarded the execution of the projects "EMPIRE - Environmental regulation and Market-forces Providing Incentives for Resource Efficiency" (FP6 - SKEP) e "Technical review guidance for LCA, embedded into an accredited certification scheme" (EC-JRC)

December 2007 - It's forthcoming the launch of International EPD®System and the new market-oriented logotype.

10/12/2007 - CE.Si.S.P. partecipated to the meeting "PRODUZIONI AGRO-ALIMENTARI E SVILUPPO SOSTENIBILE - Lo Sviluppo Sostenibile come Strategia di Marketing Aziendale e di Promozione del Territorio" held in Novi Ligure, Museo dei Campionissimi, 10 December 2007, at 16.
Workshop Programme

28/11/2007 - CE.Si.S.P. was at the Workshop “Eco-labels and G.P.P.: a value for the Enterprise, an opportunity for the Public Authority” held in Bologna, on the 28th of ovember, 2007 at UNINDUSTRIA Hall - Via San Domenico 4.
Workshop Programme

9/11/2007 - The opening ceremony of chemical laboratory CE.Si.S.P./DIMSET, entitled to the memory of Ing. Antonino Ruello, took place at the Universitary Campus ini Savona.

11/5/2007 - CE.SI.S.P. participated to GPPNet Forum in Cremona, within the following workshops:
9.30 - 13.00 - Sala Blue, Pad. 1 - "Environmental certification tools as opportunity for Green Public Procurement".
14.30 - Sala Guarnieri del Gesù - "How to “make green” a local body: from GPP to environmental accounting"

8/5/2007 - CE.Si.S.P. participated to the meeting "Developing a national strategy about IPP", held in Roma, 14:00 at Environmental Department Auditorium
Meeting Agenda Work document
CE.Si.S.P. document
Summary of PCS National Work Plan

13/4/2007 - CE.Si.S.P. participated to the meeting "Ecodatabase of shoe: Environmental compatibility, health of consumers and safety of made in Italy", held in Lucca and organised by Camera di Commercio di Lucca and Ministero dell'Ambiente.

2/3/2007 - In evidence:
Open consultation starts for the


The document to download and instruction how to give comments are presented at Please send your comments at before March 30.

16/06/2006 - CE.Si.S.P. participated to the meeting "MARKETING OF SUSTAINABILITY, Tools, experiences, prospects in the field of market improvement of product certifications", 16/06/2006 Aula Magna of Sant'Anna Advanced School of Pisa
Meeting form (.doc)

7-11/5/2006 - CE.Si.S.P. partecipated to 16th SETAC Europe Annual Meeting, 7-11 May 2006, The Hague, The Netherlands

CE.Si.S.P. is statutory firm of AssoSCAI (Associazione per lo Sviluppo della Competitività Ambientale di Impresa)

1/3/2006 - CE.Si.S.P. partecipated to the convention "Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) - One year later", Bologna 1/3/2006 promoted by ARPA

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CE.Si.S.P. is an interuniversity Centre for the Development of Product Sustainability, coming from the interaction among different specialised abilities, Academic Seats and Advanced Research Centres. The constituent universities are: University of Genoa (Administrative seat), Polytechnic of Turin, Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies of Pisa.
research centre is deeply interdisciplinary and consists of academic professors, academic research fellows, PhD engineers and experts.

CE.Si.S.P. activities started in 2006 in the field of Sustainable Development, Process and Material Engineering, Economics and Political Science, Carbon Strategy and Management.

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CE.Si.S.P will estimate the carbon footprint of the University of Genoa

Signed the agreement about the project of carbon footprint evaluation and following reduction of greenhouse gas emissions produced by the University of Genoa during the performing of its activities, between the University of Genoa and the Ministry of the Environment.
The Carbon Footprint calculation will be performed byl CE.Si.S.P., using technical and scientific skills of the University of Genoa.
The team of researchers, supported by experts of the Ministry, will determine the GHG emissions of the University, identify the possible improvement actions and develop a gradual emissions reduction plan
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